Board Members

Jean Barnhill, Corresponding Secretary and Accessioning Chair

Butch Bateman, President, Renovations and Video History Chair

Julie Benich, Vice President, Friends of the Museum and Conroe Service League Representative

Sally Copley, Executive Director, Staff

Sarah Bess Gray Crow, Exhibits Committee

Ann Marie Hopkins, Scholarship Committee

Celeste Howell, Past President

Sue Hughes, Past President

Ann Jacobson, Research Library and Accessioning Committee

Phyllis King, Recording Secretary, Website Committee

Joe Kolb, Events Chair and Immediate Past President

Nancy Kolb, Accessioning Committee Member, Events Committee

Martha Lilly, ExxonMobil Team Volunteer, Gift Shop Chair and Past President

JoCarol Oberman, Past President, Scholarship Committee

Ron Saikowski, Renovation Committee, Capital Projects

Judy Robert, Board Member

Gertie Spencer, Past President, Past Director and Permanent Exhibits

Carolyn Walker, The Carolyn Walker Family Representative, Past President

Gloria White, Board Member

Laney Whiteman, Treasurer, Treasurer, Gift Shop Co-Chair

Elva Wilson, Past President, Accessioning Committee Member, ExxonMobil Coordinator


Staff Members

Sally Copley, Executive Director



Janet Batchelor, Website Committee Member and Accessioning Committee

Janet Berwick, Accessioning Committee Member

Eugenia Letbetter, Accessioning Committee Member

Homer Wilson, ExxonMobil Team Member, Grounds Committee