Jack Shepherd, local historian and airplane aficionado, provided his collection for the exhibit, which includes: 32 Model Airplanes, 12 Books, 72 Storyboards and 4 Bullets.

Jim Ulrich, local CPA, has offered four of his prized photos for display which include:

Astronaut Joe Allen drinking orange juice in space, Astronaut Bruce McCandless, developing a suit UU2 (Untethered in Space), the first Astronaut Untethered in space, Apollo 15 with Commander Dave Scott and Astronauts Jim Irwin and Al Worden taking the first drive on the moon, Astronauts Vance Brand and William Lenoir in their space suits in the capsule.

Robert (Bob) L. Crippen, local Astronaut and former New Caney resident, provided a portion of his space memorabilia which include:  a photo of the Apollo IV launch autographed for the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County by Bob Crippen, 6 color pictures 8” x 12” of Space Gemini 11 and Apollo 1981, a heavy metal bolt mounted on wood from the launching pad with tile from the 1st Columbia Flight still connected (the spacecraft held the bolt down until the launch and then would break when the shuttle was launched), two survival kits from training equipment when Crippen was in the Navy, a khaki colored outer garment which held tools for the Astronauts, a gold 2 piece Sky Lab jumpsuit worn during the 50 day Medical Experimental Altitude Test at NASA, and a gold framed space picture with fellow Astronauts (Mission STS 99).

Other photos include:  Kevin R. Kregel, Mission Commander, Dominic L. Pudwill Gorie, Pilot, Janet L. Kavandi, Mission Specialist, Janice E. Voss, Mission Specialist, Mamoru Mohri, Mission Specialist (NASDA), Gerhard P.J. Thiele, Mission Specialist.