The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County has numerous signed documents of official celebrities of the Texas Republic. Many have signatures of lawyers, Secretary of State, Past Presidents of the Republic and more.

The museum is offering these documents for viewing and enjoyment.  Please take the time to visit us and view these old records.  Many of the signatures, you will see are:

  • President General Sam Houston
  • President Dr. Anson Jones
  • President Mirabeau B Lamar
  • Governor Stephen F Austin
  • Dr. Charles B. Stewart

These men and documents helped to make Texas what it is today.

Accessioning Committee Members:

Neva Jean Barnhill, Chairperson

Ann Jacobson

Gertie Spencer

Jane Dalton

Elva Wilson

Janet Berwick

Earlene Herron

Nancy Kolb

Eugenia Letbetter

Janet Batchelor

Julie Benich

Sally Copley