Heritage Museum Research Room:

A Work-In-Progress

By Ann Jacobson

Ann Jacobson, LibrarianJohn Denver used to sing a song about “coming home to a place we’ve never been before”. Many of the German, Scandinavian, Irish, and other ethnic groups who settled Texas in those wild and wooly years could have sung this song. They came to create homes in those places that not only offered civic freedom but economic and religious freedom and Texas was the place to  come in the late 1700 and 1800 years for those hard-working, ambitious people.

Our Heritage Museum is fortunate to have founders and members who are not just “artifact collectors” but who want to provide a rich source of information-retrieval concerning early Texas. Montgomery County played a big role in the pre-republic, post-republic, and statehood periods.

With today’s technology the relatively small collection of books, tapes, and CD’s and DVD’s can be used in conjunction with our Internet capabilities to trace people, places, and events relating not only to Montgomery County but how it fits into the Texas Mosaic. Just as an individual is never an “island”, places are always connected and researching those connections becomes the panoramic view we should all strive to understand about our history.

Montgomery County, at the time of the Republic of Texas was part of the area that now covers Washington, Burleson, Milam, Robertson,Grimes, Madison, Brazos, Fayette, Lee, and Montgomery Counties. Following the Annexation of Texas to the United States, Montgomery , Walker, Grimes, San Jacinto, and Waller Counties were all considered Montgomery County. Eventually each of these counties became the “county seat” for those areas.

Our Heritage Museum Research Room will provide the “open Sesame” for those searching for our fascinating Texas History by adding more hands-on resources as well as guides to Internet Resources such as THE HANDBOOK OF TEXAS, THE TEXAS ETHNIC SERIES, and many of our county histories that are a part of our past.

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