Explore the contents of a “tub of goodies” that relate your social studies and science classroom content.   This Traveling Trunk helps students have a better look at history with a real time, hands-on approach.  Contents of each of the trunks are listed below.

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Indian Trunk

Inventory includes: Framed arrowheads, Leather arrow carrier, baby Moccasins and rattle, Beaded shirt and skirt, Dress with shells, Bead necklace, Black Bear claw and claw necklace, Coral and Turquoise, Clay, Corn god, Drum/drum stick, Hand-dyed yarn, Feather headdress, Buffalo and Steer horns, Indian beads, Indian corn, Indian writing on a rock, Lacrosse ball, Loin cloth, Mandella, Mecal berries, Navaho blanket rug, Ribbon shirt, Peace pipe, Raccoon skin, Rabbit skin, Reed basket, Painted clay pot and ball, and a Tomahawk.

One-Room Schoolhouse Trunk

Inventory includes:  McGuffey’s Primer, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th reader, McGuffey’s speller, Slates and slate pencils, School bell, Writing quill, Drinking water bucket, Collapsible cup, Gourd dipper, Arithmetic sack, Lunch bucket, Switches, Dunce cap, Reward of Merit and Perfect Attendance Certificate, Rag ball, Heritage doll, Corn jacks, Marbles, Jump rope, Whistle, Metal hoop and guiding stick, Pictures from one-room schoolhouses, and game instructions for hopscotch, blind man’s bluff, handy-over/pigtail.

Seashell Trunk

Inventory includes:  A Golden Guide for ”Seashells of the World”  and hundreds of actual seashells, boxed, labeled and identified with page numbers for reference.  A fun fact questionnaire, with answer sheet is included.